Make Yourself at Home

Corbett’s wants to welcome everyone to our bar. We enjoy having your company and we love seeing your faces (some more than others :D ). Above all, we want you to have fun and to feel at home when you come visit us. Our house is your house. With that said…

We try our hardest to keep our establishment clean, but we need your help. A few considerate thoughts will go a long way:

  • Please try and keep trash off the floors. We have garbage receptacles around the bar, but if you don’t feel inclined to throw the trash out, leave it on your table so that your server can pick it up.
  • Plates are not ashtray (and neither is the floor)! We have plenty of ashtrays around the bar, but if you can’t find one, ask and we’ll give you one.
  • We try and keep the bathroom stocked, but if we’re out of paper towel, soap, or toilet paper, please alert a member of the staff.
  • Please, please, please do not write on the walls. We have to clean it.

Your help with these small things will allow us more time to serve you better and faster.


The Corbett’s Family