Tipping isn’t a city in China

Tipping isn’t a city in China

Whether you agree with the idea of tipping or not, the fact remains that many service jobs are partially paid directly from customer tips. That being said, you should always leave a tip, even if you felt that your service was sub-par. In those unfortunate circumstances, please talk to a manager about your quality of service.

People in the service industry are providing services, with the expectation of receiving a tip. If you plan on not tipping, then please inform your server or bartender ahead of time, so they can decide if they’re going to provide the service. Fair is fair.

All our bartenders and staff at Corbett’s value your patronage, and each of us strive to excel at customer satisfaction. However, we are people too, and sometimes, we might be going through a bad day as well. So if you catch us on one of those days, just give us a smile and a little patience, and we’ll try and make things right.

Also, please remember, if you received a discount, or are using a bar tab or gift certificate, please tip on the pre-discounted total. Just because your tab is lower doesn’t mean less effort was put into making your order.


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